Luvit is a single binary that contains the lua vm, libuv, openssl, miniz as well as a host of standard libraries implemented in lua that closely resemble the public node.js APIs. You give it a lua script to run and it runs it in the context of this system. Luvit was so Nodey Raw. luvit_thread_test.lua. local uv = require'uv' --to get new_thread. local luvi = require'luvi' --to get bundle base.

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An example Luvit app can be found in examples/luvit_app and a running instance of this example can be found at luvit-buildpack-luvit-app.herokuapp.com Truncated example output from a git push: Luvit Reborn Announcing Luvit 2.0. The original luvit (started 2011 by Tim Caswell) was a node.js-like programming environment, but using Luajit instead of V8.This meant a change in scripting language and a huge change in memory overhead. This led to Lua being used to make iPhone applications such as Angry Birds. In June 2011, Lua was ranked the tenth most popular programming language by the TIOBE Index. Example. An example Hello World program in Lua: You should safe this format in a file like example.lua.

Installation from git git clone https://github.com/twojcik/luvit-redis make Usage. Simple example, included as examples/exampe.lua: print("Welcome Lua Users!") Need Help with Lua? Join the Devs' Guild!

Luvit lua examples

Luvit lua examples

Lua + libUV + jIT = pure awesomesauce. Lua 3.2k 0.3k. <; 1; >. © 2020 - 粤公网安备44030402003869号 · 粤ICP备20049657号. Jul 25, 2018 Lua is a free and open source, powerful embeddable scripting language being used in numerous industries and it's designed with a high  2018年3月21日 LibUV in Lua之前一直在纠结是否有翻译的必要,毕竟翻译是需要大量时间和精力 的, Here is a small example showing a TCP echo server: Luvit 在装载了 用户代码之后将会隐含的调用 uv.run() ,但是如果你直接使用luv绑  In June 2011, Lua was ranked the tenth most popular programming language by the TIOBE Index. Example[change | change source]. An example Hello World  Jun 29, 2013 Aroma :: Game Engine/Framework for Chrome (Lua) Lumail – Console Mail Client with Lua Scripting Luvit :: Lua meets NodeJS · Metalua.

Lua + libUV + jIT = pure awesomesauce. Contribute to luvit/luvit development by creating an account on GitHub. Luvit is essentially a Lua equivalent to node.js so it changes the way a few things work. Specifically, it comes pre-packaged with things like a json manipulator and a file system similiar to node’s, but they can only be required from the main script because it was launched with Luvit.
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It was created in 1993 by Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, and Waldemar Celes. Lua is used for many different things, especially in video games such as World of Warcraft and SimCity 4. Hey guys, in this tutorial, I will be teaching you guys how to program a Discord Bot using Lua! If you want to see more commands soon, comment on the video l Luvit Invention Toolkit. Lit is a toolkit designed to make working in the new luvit 2.0 ecosystem easy and even fun. Lit powers the central repository at wss://lit.luvit.io/.

Using Third-Party Libraries.
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Star 1 Fork 1 luvit-redis - fast luvit redis client. This is a redis client for luvit which under the hood uses offical hiredis c library what makes it pretty fast (see benchmarks below). Installation from git git clone https://github.com/twojcik/luvit-redis make Usage.

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Using lit install creationix/weblit to use an express-like framework built on top of coroutines. > mkdir myapp & & cd myapp Example Luvit Apps. Functions with similiar names may have more detailed explanations in the Nodejs docs. Node.js API. Luvit also comes with a package manager, similiar to npm. Lit Wiki. Luvit Invention Toolkit. LibUV bindings for lua.

whetherever / example.lua Forked from alejandro/example.lua. Created Jan 30, 2017. Also take a look at OpenResty, which bundles LuaJIT for Lua/nginx-based web app development, using the nginx event loop to do async I/O: OpenResty aims to run your server-side web app completely in the Nginx server, leveraging Nginx's event model to do non-blocking I/O not only with the HTTP clients, but also with remote backends like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached, and Redis. More examples can be found in the examples and tests folders. Luarocks. Luv is available on Luarocks here.

it lack some import,efficiency,modern,standard lib like timer,net,asyn io This is a list of libraries implemented in Lua or implemented in another language (e.g. C) but having a Lua interface. For older libraries and bindings, see the LuaAddonsArchive.. Modules can also be found on LuaForge.Lua ModuleReview intends to arrange some of them..